About Us

ENDZ is an independently run clothing label based in the UK and the company behind the world’s first LDN (London) logo.

THE LDN BY ENDZ STORY: In 2004, LDN By ENDZ emerged onto the London Hip Hop scene and soon caught the attention of some of the most forward thinking style leaders.

Independently run, the label sprang from a desire to create an iconic brand for London by using LDN as an abbreviation for the city in a distinctive and unique logo design. Since its inception and with support from many people, our LDN logo has become a symbol of recognition for London not only here in the UK but all over the world alike and is authenticated as the original.

Whilst the music scene has long been aware of LDN by ENDZ, the label is quickly gaining a reputation outside of its usual circles with a number of established and emerging artists across different genres wearing the label.

The LDN logo is a registered trademark in the UK, USA and has worldwide intellectual property rights.